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Mach 6 Coin Sorter / Counter

£ 2,845.00vat excl.

The Mach 6 is a fast, compact coin sorter/counter suitable for tabletop or stand-alone applications.
The Mach 6CD€ uses De La Rue`s Coin Signature Detection System (CSDS)TM technology to detect and reject foreign and counterfeit coins. This makes it the ideal machine to help the transition to the Euro.
Sorting up to 8 different denominations, at speeds of up to 2000 coins per minute, the Mach 6 increases accountability, while maintaining the highest degree of accuracy.
Width: 425mm
Depth: 552mm
Height: 288mm
Weight: 21.4kg
Key options: Four RS232 serial interface ports, Bagging attachments (requires stand), Machine stand, Management Information Control System, Coin Detection Euro (CD€)

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