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Seca 804 Sensa Digital Personal Flat Scale (Discontinued)

£ 39.00vat excl.

The unusually high number of chrome electrodes shows what this scale can do: in addition to weight, it measures body fat and body water and also calculates the BMI. It automatically recognizes each user after the one-time input of age, gender, height and fitness level.

Please Note: This scale is not suitable for use in healthcare settings, where only Medial Class III/IV Approved Scales must be used.

Features Include:

  • Capacity: 150kg / 330lbs / 23 stone
  • Graduation Weight: 100g / 0.2lbs / 0.2lbs
  • Weight 1.3kg
  • Power Supply: 2 x AAA Batteries - supplied
  • Dimensions:315mm x 44mm x 300mm
  • kg/lbs swich-over
  • BMI
  • 24 chrome-plated electrodes
  • Auto hold
  • BF/BW measurement
  • Automatic Switch-off/Tap-on function
  • User memory
  • Automatic user identification


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