Parcel Scales
All of MK Scales parcel scales have been designed for easy operation within the working environment with mains, battery and rechargeable battery operation. Please compare the base sizes and capacities ranging from 60kg to 5000kg for your applications as we offer value for money within the specification.
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  1. Ohaus Ranger Count 3000
    Ohaus Ranger Count 3000

    Reliable Counting Scales to Ensure Accurate Results

    • Weighing, Parts Counting, Check Counting & more
    • Maximum capacities from 1.5kg to 30kg
    • Ultra-high internal resolution 1:1,500,000
    • 210 hours with rechargeable battery
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  2. Kern EOB
    Kern EOB

    The best sellers in parcel & veterinary scales

    • Battery operated
    • Capacities from 15kg to 300kg
    • Simple and convenient 4 key operation
    • Protective Working Cover Included
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  3. SF-890 Digital Postal Parcel Scale

    SF-890 Digital Postal Scale. Capacity 50kg x 2g. Mains and 2 x AAA Battery Operation with platform size 250mm x 250mm .

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  4. Measuretek PS Parcel Scales
    PS Parcel Scales
    As low as £138.00

    PS Parcel Scale with a super low profile, stainless steel plate 380mm x 300mm, kg and lb operation.

    Available capacities 60kg x 50g or 120kg x 100g. Mains or 4 x AA battery operation. USB communications port. 

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  5. 606E Stainless Steel Platform Floor Scale
    As low as £380.00

    606E Stainless Steel Heavy-duty Platform Floor Scales 300Kg x 100g and 150Kg x 150g with mains rechargeable battery. Base size 600mm x 600mm.

    Ideal for every day high use in the warehouse or industrial factory environment.

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  6. TCS Lowprofile Stainless Steel Platform Scale
    As low as £215.00

    TCS Low profile Stainless Steel Platform Scale 150kg x 50g to 300kg x 100g base sizes 500mm x 500mm or larger 600mm x 900mm. Mains and rechargeable battery operation.

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  7. SF-550 Electronic Compact Postal Scale

    SF-550 Electronic Compact Postal Scale. Capacity 25kg x 1g. A bench scale with basic counting feature. Mains and 2 x AA Battery operation with plate size 210mm x 165mm.

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  8. SF-440 Compact Bench Scale

    SF-440 Compact Bench Scale. Capacity 5kg x 0.1g. Plate size 160mm x 160mm. Mains and 2 x AA Battery operation.

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  9. PS102 Parcel Scales with RS232 Serial Port
    As low as £197.00

    PS102 Parcel Scale with RS232 and a super low profile, stainless steel plate (380mm x 300mm), kg and lb operation. Available with 30kg x 10g up OR 60kg x 20g capacities. Mains and 4 x AA battery operation.

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  10. LP7611 Heavy Duty Bench & Floor Scale
    As low as £318.00

    LP7611 Heavy-duty floor scale 60kg to 300kg with mains rechargeable battery.

    Stainless base size 400mm x 500mm or extra-large base 600mm x 800mm.

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