Moisture Balances

Moisture Balances

Highly accurate moisture analyzers are used to determine moisture content in samples. Infrared weighing and heating units are used in the agricultural, food, and textile industries. Help satisfy regulating criteria for moisture content of manufactured goods.

What are moisture analyzers intended for?

Moisture analyzers are used to analyze the moisture content of samples and determine their dry mass. For this reason, they can be applied not only in the laboratory but also in the industry.

A Moisture Analyser, or Moisture Balance, is a balance with a built-in heating chamber to dry a product and then use them before and after weights to provide an accurate moisture reading. Moisture analyzers are suitable for determining moisture in food products, grain, straw and hay, wood products, plastics & wastewater.

How A Moisture Analyser Measures Moisture Content

In the heating method used by moisture analyzers, the sample is dried by heating, and its water evaporates. The moisture content is acquired by the reduction in sample mass after drying. Weight loss gradually increases as a sample gets heated and finally reaches a constant value at which time the result is displayed.

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