ZT-160 Mechanical Floor Scale


ZT-160 Mechanical Physician Floor Scale. Capacity 160kg x 100g / 350lbs x 0.25lbs. Large weight reading dial and slip resistant base size 375mm x 275mm.

  • Capacity 160kg x 100g or 350lbs x 0.25lbs
  • Is suitable for use in schools, sports/leisure centres, gymnasiums, clinics etc.
  • Large weight reading dial
  • Tough enameled steel body with removable slip-resistant plastic base cover
  • Retractable aluminium height measure: feet/inches and metre/centimeters
  • Scale dimensions: 275 x 530mm x 946mm
  • Platform size: 375mm x 270mm
  • Height measure: 60-120cm / 24-84"
  • Weight 20kg