Those businesses who have temporary rather than continual weighing requirements, are best served hiring scales, for the reasons outlined below...

Scales only required for 1-2 weeks a year

Buying scales would cost money and so too would annual calibration in order to maintain their consistency. Hire scales are cheaper and arrive already calibrated, so this would allow you to invest that money elsewhere in your business.

When regular scales break down

Engineers and/or parts can take a while to arrive - hire scales lead to reduced downtime.

Upcoming stock check

Counting small parts by hand is time consuming and often subject to human error - hiring a counting scale reduces the margin for error.

Thinking about investing in weighing equipment but unsure of whether it is suitable for your business?

Hiring scales allows you to 'try before you buy'.

Start up business that may not have the funds to invest in high end weighing equipment?

Hire scales provide a cost-effective, short term solution. We can also offer long term hire.


Speak to a specialist sales engineer

Need to ask a few questions before deciding on the best weighing solutions for your needs? Leave us a message and one of our sales engineers will be in touch.

With our application experience and expertise, our team of technical engineers will listen to your design and research challenges and provide you with the right instruments and solutions for your application.