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EL200 Column Scale

£ 149.00vat excl.

The EL200 Mechanical Column Scale with Height Measure and a capacity of 200kg x 100g dual 440lbs x 0.25lb

Suitable for schools, clinics sports/leisure centres, gymnasiums etc.


  • Tough enameled steel body with removable slip-resistant plastic base cover
  • Retractable aluminum height measure
  • A double beam mechanical scale with easy to read height and weight displays
  • Height measurement is included with both feet/inches and metre/centimeters
  • Has wheels for easy transportation
  • Easily operated with two sliding weights
  • Scale dimensions: 272mm x 530mm x 1467mm
  • Platform Size: 375 x 270mm
  • Height measure: 60-210cm / 24-84"
  • Weight 20kg 


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