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We are a UK wide supplier of medical and veterinary weighing equipment. We understand the importance of accuracy when working within the medical profession and the need for reliable equipment.

Specialising in the supply of SECA & Marsden approved weighing equipment, throughout the UK; we stock a wide range of medical and hospital scales.

We can supply all medical scales to hospitals, veterinary surgeries, doctor’s surgeries, rest homes, retirement homes and small practices. All our medical scales are Class III Approved, come with a minimum of 1-year warranty and are fully serviceable by our team of expert service engineers.

Contact us today for more information and availability. 

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  1. M-530 Carry Case
    M-420 Carry Case

    Marsden M-420 Carry Case

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  2. Kern Platform scale EOS
Heavy duty parcel and veterinary platform scale with extra large stainless steel weighing plate
    Kern EOS Veterinary Platform Scale
    As low as £395.00

    Heavy-duty parcel and veterinary platform scale with extra-large stainless steel weighing plate

    Capacities to up 300kg

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  3. Marsden M-600 / M-605
    Marsden M-600 / M-605
    • 200kg x 100g
    • BMI Function
    • MDD & Class III Approved
    • Prices from £680
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  4. Marsden M-900
    Marsden M-900
    • Class III Approved
    • 600kg x 200g
    • Carry handles for portability
    • Prices from £2620
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  5. Seca 400 Power Adaptor
    Seca 400 Power Adaptor

    Seca 400 power adapter for baby scales, column scales and flat scales.

    Switch-mode power adapter for baby scales Seca 376 and Seca 336 as well as for column and flat scales Seca 703, Seca 704, Seca 769, Seca 799, Seca 634, Seca 635, Seca 869 and Seca 899.

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  6. Seca 813 Personal Scale
    Seca 813 Personal Scale

    Seca 813 Digital Personal Scale

    Capacity 200kg x 100g. 4 x AAA Battery operation. This scale easily holds up to 200 kilograms on their extra-wide platform.

    The tough rubber coating takes the heaviest challenges lightly and the flat construction makes stepping on very easy.

    Bluetooth Option Available 

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  7. M-530 Carry Case
    M-530 Carry Case

    Marsden M-530 Carry Case

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  8. M-530 Portable Floor Scale
    M-530 Portable Floor Scale
    As low as £525.00

    The M-530 is a must for all GP surgeries due to its high 300kg x 100g or 500kg x 200g capacity and extra-large base.

    This scale allows for discrete weighing of heavy patients that traditional scales found in GP surgeries cannot.

    Class III Approved

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  9. EH-MH Walkthrough Wheel Chair Scale
    EH-MH Walkthrough Wheel Chair Scale

    EH-MH 300Kg Capacity Wheel Chair Scale. Weighing units in kg/lbs with BMI function please note plate size for chair is 80mm x 800mm but complete scale base size is 1050mm x 1050mm working from mains with rechargeable battery operation.

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  10. Seca 761 Mechanical Personal Scale

    Seca 761 Mechanical Flat Personal Scale. 

    The precise design classic has a large clear and well-defined dial. With a large, low-level, non-slip platform and scratch resistant finish.

    The rugged metal housing withstands years of use under the hardest conditions imaginable.

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